Primo Lady's Top Down Poncho Kit (KP-015)

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This delightful Poncho will keep you snug, warm and comfortable on any chilly day! Knitted from the neck down on circular needles, finishing is easy as you have no seams to sew at all! Oversized - it is easy to throw over any outfit and the striking Fair Isle pattern will make you stand out on the gloomiest of Winter days.

Available in Sizes S - (Bust 75-80cm), M - (Bust 85-90cm), L/XL - (Bust 95-105cm)

Size around lower edge - S - 133cm, M - 146cm, L/XL - 161cm

Kit includes yarn and pattern.

You will require an assortment of lengths in 5mm, 5.50mm, 6mm circular needles and a set of double pointed 5.50mm needles.

Bargain priced at just $55 - S, $65 - M, $80 - L/XL